News paper Nail art with WATER

Hi All,

This is a cute and funky nail art for daily or casual wear, I have seen people using surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol but water is safe and easily available.

You will need the following:

any light colour nail varnish

base coat (not necessary)

transparent nail varnish / top coat

newspaper or magazine and scissors (cut them in small pieces as shown in the picture)

a cotton cloth / tissue towel

tap water

nail polish remover and some ear buds ( if something goes messy)

I have this light green colour.Apply 2-3 coats and let it dry completely or you can keep it over night

I will be showing on 2 different colours and on French manicure

Dip the newspaper cutting (it should have the printed part) in the water so that its soaked from both the sides then place it on the nail

press hard for about 20 sec

slowly peel of the newspaper

apply the transparent nail varnish (top coat)

lets see how its comes on the white nail varnish

wow that did come out well now lets see how French manicure looks

thats looking nice too….

well this is how it comes out..with flying colours 🙂

Please notice that my index finger has 4 coats of green colour while the little finger has only 2 coats and its looking really light..

and yes this comes out easily with the nail polish remover

Hope you all enjoyed this nail art.

Do try it..wont take a lot of time and your nails will look cool something apart from the ordinary.


25 thoughts on “News paper Nail art with WATER

  1. umm…hey, I did tried💅…but the print is coming rly light..I pressed it for like 45secs..but!!!😶😶

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